It was an evening of safari and jungle-style at Dusk as the nightclub venue was turned into a tropical rainforest for “Go Wild for Fashion” – Ocean Village’s first ever charity fashion show to raise funds for the Alameda Wildlife Park.
The Alameda Wildlife Park of Gibraltar care for exotic animals confiscated by customs and unwanted pets – giving them a much-needed home – and also work to raise awareness around important endangered species by taking part in captive breeding programmes which help support species in the wild.
The Wildlife Park began life in 1994 as a collection of parrots, tortoises and monkeys confiscated from illegal traders passing through Gibraltar. Over the years, the park has grown in size and eventually opened to the public, with the funds generated from ticket sales going towards renovations and care for the animals. A lot of this work is carried out by dedicated volunteers with a passion for wildlife and the park has also become an important educational zone for local school children to learn about animals and conservation issues.
Over £1,600 was raised during the evening for the Alameda Wildlife Park, with funds going specifically towards the Alameda Overground Project, a structure of tunnels and tree-top walkways which will enrich the lives of a specific set of animals at the park (lemurs, cotton-top tamarins, common marmosets and long-tailed macaques) and create a much more exciting and immersive visitor experience. For more information: