How’s everyone feeling today Gibraltar?🙋

Well, it’s day <<undetermined>> of lockdown and I’ve just wiped down a container of disinfectant wipes…with a disinfectant wipe – so I’d say I’m doing fine. Everything’s fine.

Who else now has a deeper understanding of why their pets try to run out of the house when the front door is open? 😂

Have a read of our weekly summary of all things Gib.
Don’t forget tomorrow is Workers Memorial Day too, so enjoy the bank holiday!

🌟 What’s on at Ocean Village / World Trade Center🌟

Pizza Express Gibraltar has just launched some amazing offers, so head over to their page and get a pizza the action!
Tomorrow they have Tenner Tuesdays with a starter, main and soft drink for just £10! Order direct on 200 500 50 or via Hungry Monkey, NomNoms or Rock Hero.

Pizza Express, wagamama and Las Iguanas are about to launch special Gift Vouchers to use after lockdown. Buy any voucher at a discounted price and use it for an increased value after lockdown! Details to be announced soon!#

🌟What’s on around Gibraltar🌟

Today it was announced that a gradual unlocking of the restrictions put in place is starting, which means that over 70’s will now be allowed outside to exercise. Further lifting of the measures has not yet been announced.

Every Saturday, neighbours at Montagu Crescent are holding a lockdown balcony party where they dance, eat and play music! Let’s see if it catches on in other neighbourhoods!

Last week, St. Bernards Hospital carried out a successful Covid-19 dry run to test the resilience of its systems and state of preparedness ready for a large influx of patients.

An anonymous cooking enthusiast “Quarantine Cook” is sharing some delicious recipes for people to enjoy during lockdown. Head on over to to check them out!

Public Health is launching a new campaign urging people to be informed about the choices they make when isolating in their homes. Emerging evidence shows smokers with Covid-19 are 14 times more likely to develop severe respiratory disease. Their new campaign “Stub it, Stop it, get CovidFit encourages a healthier lifestyle.

Until next week,
Stay Strong Gibraltar!